Release Milestone 0 - Custom Tool Window

What is it?

A means to add a DSL specific tool-window, containing a simple editor, to an existing DSL

What is available?

This release is available for download here: M0 Released


You will need the following development environment to install and use this PowerToy: This release also has a dependence on the following components (which are installed by the PowerToy):

What is it used for?

This release can be used as a starting point for enabling a tool-window for your DSL, containing a custom editor.

The intention is to provide the basic infrastructure for providing a tool-window and editor to display elements or aspects of a DSL diagram. This will be built upon in subsequent versions of the PowerToy.
DSL Editor.png

What is included?

  • The PowerToy adds a tool-window containing an editor which provides some kind of ‘view’ on the domain model of the DSL. The editor provides the means to interact with this view.
  • The editor for this release is very basic indeed, simply handling and displaying basic information about the current selection in diagram. This editor is expected to be replaced with a better editor throughout the development of this PowerToy.
  • The tool-window is only active for the specific DSL diagram, and is not present when editing other types of DSL’s or source files.
  • The tool-window can be activated from either a context menu on the diagram, or from a top level menu in Visual Studio (found on the View | Other Windows menu).

How do you use it?

To install this release, add and configure a custom tool-window editor, see How to Use

How it works?

Detailed information about how the PowerToy works, and the design decisions made in its development can be found in the Technical Design page.

Customizing it?

With this release you can customize various attributes about the tool-window (i.e. title, icon, placement etc), and you can customize or replace the user control contained within the tool-window with one of your own.

For more details on how to customize this release, see How to Customize the Editor


We would like to capture any feedback you have about this release, or perhaps upcoming releases.

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