Release Milestone 1 - Custom Editors

What is it?

A means to add multiple editors to your DSL, either hosted in a tool-window, or replace the graphical designer of your DSL

What is available?

This release is available for download here: M1 Released


You will need the following development environment to install and use this PowerToy: This release also has a dependence on the following components (which are installed by the PowerToy):

What is it used for?

The intention of this release is to extend the basic functionality of the previous release M0 Released and allow the DSL developer to very quickly enable multiple editors for their DSL.

Multiple Editors ToolWindow.png

In this release, there are 3 hosting options for integrating (hosting) the editors to enhance your DSL language:
  1. Host editors a tool-window which appears alongside your graphical DSL designer
  2. Replace your graphical designer with the editors as the forms based user interface to your DSL.
  3. Replace your graphical designer with your own custom forms-based designer, and have the editors in a tool-window which appears alongside your custom forms-based designer.

If hosting the editors in a tool-window, that tool-window appears only when the DSL designer is active in the IDE.


The editors can replace the graphical designer of the DSL, in cases where a forms-based user interface is more appropriate for the DSL.


It is also possible to replace the graphical designer with your own custom forms-based designer and still have the editors hosted in a tool-window along side your custom designer.

Custom Designer ToolWindow.png

What is included?

  • The PowerToy provides a new configuration language (DSL) to configure the editors and hosts.
  • The PowerToy adds a new tool-window (or replacement designer ), which contains one or more
  • The replacement designer can only valid when a 'Custom Editor' has been configured in the DSL. The tool-window and old graphical designer will be replaced with the editors themselves.
editors, each providing a logical view of the underlying domain model of the DSL.
  • The default editor used in this release is essentially the same basic editor used in previous release which displays basic selection information on the diagram (or IDE), and now provides selectable items.
    • The next release of the PowerToy will provide a richer editor for visualising domain relationships.

How do you use it?

To install this release, add and configure the editors, see How to Use

How it works?

Detailed information about how the PowerToy works, and the design decisions made in its development can be found in the Technical Design page.

Customizing it?

With this release you can customize various attributes of the host (i.e. layout etc.), and tool-window (i.e. title, icon etc.), and you can add/remove/modify, and customize, any of the contained editors .

For more details on how to customize this release, see How to Customize

What was planned for this release?

The planning details, and technical requirements for this release are detailed here.


We would like to capture any feedback you have about this release, or perhaps upcoming releases.

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