Release Milestone 2 - Basic Custom Control

What is it?

A means to define and display a view (domain classes and relationships) of the underlying domain model of the DSL

What is available?

This release is in Planning and Development.

What is it used for?

This release can be used as a starting point for adding your own controls for viewing domain classes and relationships arranged into a custom 'view'. This 'view' (collection of domain classes and relationships) typically shows a single hierarchical child relationship in or aspect across the underlying domain model. This release delivers a custom control that demonstrates one way to display such a view.

The intention is to extend the basic functionality of the previous release M1 Released and allow the user of the PowerToy to define these custom views using the existing configuration language. This release will then provide all the hooks and access required for an editor control to display and interact with the view and the underlying domain model.

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