Release Milestone 2 - Planning

Business Objectives

  • Provide a means to configure customizable 'views' or hierarchical relationships of classes from underlying domain model (representing some aspect or relationship), and then provide a hierarchical display of them in a custom editor control.

Technical Objectives

The objectives of this release are:
  • Provide a means to configure each view using existing graphical configuration language (DSL)
  • Provide a programmatic means for an editor to access and navigate the view and read/write interface to underlying domain classes and relationships.
  • Provide a simple hierarchical control to display this view (read-only) and allow user to navigate this view.

This release with continue to follow the patterns of the previous release. And this release will leverage assets from that release.
This release will build upon those patterns and enhance them where necessary to add further functionality.

Technical Implementation

  • TBA
We are considering a few user experiences for configuring the views.
In either case we need a treeview to mark the domain classes/relationships that are included in the view.
Using the graphical designer approach, we could have a UX like this:
If we move to a forms based designer approach, we could have a UX like this:
Currently we are evaluating the benefits of either approach to provide the best presentation for the user.

Technical Constraints

  • Installation should not be side-by-side (only one version of PowerToy allowed to be installed)
  • Only targeting VS2005 (Whidbey), not targeting VS2007 (Orcas)

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