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For those asked to review this pre-release:
Please make your comments about the upcoming release (M1), by posting comments here.
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stukent wrote May 9, 2007 at 12:30 PM

What I did:Downloaded and installed ok.Got it working easily with a DSL.Created my own views selecting icons and expected behavior resulted on F5.

Some feedback on the approach:1. Overall I like it2. Don't use the term 'View' for the tool window editors - that will just be confusing (especially with views in factories). How about just 'FormsEditor'? You can define multiple forms editors for a DSL, they appear in a separate tool window, or you can choose for them to be hosted in the custom editor window.3. I've sent email to Jezz on the requirement to be able to have the tool window be the custom editor, when the custom editor option is chosen in the main dsl definition.4. The style in the dsl designer is to categorize all the properties that deliver resources (which can be localized) under as 'Resources'. Might be good to remain consistent with that. You could then Categorixe EditorControl under 'Definition' (though I expect that you are now going to provide a more sophisticated way of defining the editor control). 5. I'd be interested to review the design of how you define the content that appears in an editor (next milestone). I.e. the definition of the editor control.

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